Owner of Planted Donuts, Julie Freitas eating a Planted Donut with a smile. img
About Planted Donuts

A Better World

We believe in a better world where natural food makes people healthier, protects our environment, and the animals within it. Our donuts are:

  • Delicious and Soft. Feel good without feeling guilty.
  • Baked, not Fried. Every decision made thinking of you.
  • Handmade with Natural Ingredients. Crafted from
               mainly organic ingredients.
  • Elevated Protein Levels. Approximately 1.5g of per
  • Vegan Friendly. Most don't notice, and that's a good
Why Choose Us

Our Promise

We stand for compassion towards all things living and believe that eating healthy can be simultaneously exquisite and humane. Our food ethos is grounded on a good-for-you consciousness and a commitment to using organic ingredients, providing the freshest products and inducing ultimate enjoyment.

Our Mission

To provide exceptional, plant-based donuts in the most compassionate way.

Our Vision

To best serve our customers and community one donut at a time.

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Delicious and Refreshing

Once you have our vegan donuts, you'll never want any other.

Ships to You

Donuts are shipped frozen and arrives fresh. (USPS PRIORITY).

Passionate Bakers

Our donuts are baked and prepared by dedicated bakers.

An Experience Like No Other

Our donuts are so yummy, so fresh, and made with premium ingredients. Look closely and see the quality.

Planted Donuts are the plant-based solution to your sugar cravings! You'll find the elevated protein levels in our recipe will leave you satisfied but not feeling bloated and less likely to experience reactive hypoglycemia (e.g., "sugar crash")!